About Engineering CFD

Curtis Marsh, Director at Engineering CFD, has more than 20 years in the industry, and 11 years trading under the well-known name of Engineering CFD.

The workload here at Engineering CFD consists mostly of repeat work for customers we have delt with on previous engineering projects as well as referrals. We provide fluid dynamic simulations and related services for businesses in New Zealand, Australia and around the world.

Whereas many specialists in the field of computational fluid dynamics finish their university studies and move straight into their role as consultants, Curtis’s early work was much more hands-on. Curtis worked for Hatch, on many different projects in locations around the world. Through Hatch, Curtis gained years of practical detailed design, construction and project management experience.

The experience working with CFD started at an Alumina refinery in Ireland, Rusal Aughinish. Here Curtis gained a Masters in CFD focusing on modelling Flashing Flow. He spend 5 years applying CFD to equipment and processes throughout the Bayer Alumina process at Aughinish, making CFD an indispensable part of their engineering department.

With a desire to move to New Zealand it was through the support of Aughinish that Engineering CFD was established. Aughinish wanted to retain Curtis’s services, so with the launch of his own business Curtis was able to continue to provide his expertise, as well as to offer fluid dynamics solutions to customers around the world.

What followed was a natural expansion to other industries, and Curtis was flexible in his approach to take on the challenge of applying computational fluid dynamics to a wide range of industries and applications because, as he explains, the fundamental fluid mechanics don’t change.

Completed Projects

Some of our previous projects include:

  • The development of new furnace geometries.
    Client: RUSAL/FLSM

  • Change of gas distribution to improve combustion.
    Client: RUSAL

  • Modfication of geometry to increase calciner capacity.
    Client: SKM

  • Wanganui WWTP Lagoon
    Client: Wanganui District Council
  • Improving GSC cyclones and furnace operation
    Client: Queensland Alumina
  • Analysis of architectual louvres
    Client: Insol NZ Ltd